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The great thing about the Internet is the ability to find out information about the things you love. Whether you are interested in politics, cooking, old cars or foreign countries you can usually find information on just about anything you are interested in, no matter how obscure.
The thing I love more than anything is Go Go Music. My favorite Go Go artist of all time is D.C. Scorpio. Every time a new Internet technology comes out the first thing I use it for is to see if there is something about D.C. Scorpio on it. The first time I searched Napster was for D.C. Scorpio. The first thing I Googled was D.C. Scorpio. The first thing I bought on eBay was a D.C. Scorpio record.
If you happened to click this link on Wikipedia about D.C. Scorpio you'll notice this ain't a D.C. Scorpio page on Wikipedia, it is a page on D.C. Hip Hop. They mention D.C. Scorpio briefly alongside Stinky Dink and Fat Rodney.
The thing that always puzzles me, is why isn't there more D.C. Scorpio stuff on the Internet? D.C. Scorpio is BY FAR my favorite performer of all time! He is my favorite rapper, my favorite Go Go artist and my favorite dancer ever. I know that I am not alone in my love for D.C. Scorpio. Every Go Go fan I meet who is old enough to remember the 80's I ask about D.C. Scorpio. Everyone who remembers D.C. Scorpio loves him. Both of my Go Go mix Cd's Bumpin' Fresh and Ruffneck Bama contain D.C. Scorpio tracks.
It is crazy to me there are not more fans of D.C. Scorpio that have put up fan sites or blogs or whatever about D.C. Scorpio. So the purpose of this post is to publish everything I have found on the net about D.C. Scorpio in one place. If you have more links to information about D.C. Scorpio please post a comment or send me an email. Especially if you have information about what happened with Fat Rodney. All I heard is that he was beaten in a rap battle by Fat Rodney (Check out some Fat Rodney) so badly, he quit the game. D.C. Scorpio was my favorite, so this is hard for me to believe. If you know more hit me up.
One of the greatest places to see a Go Go was the Capital Center in P.G. County in the 80's. I didn't go to "Go Go Live at the Capital Center (I did go to the "Go Go Parade of All Stars" around the same time) but the video they put out is a classic. Here is a clip of D.C. Scorpio's performance:

"Stone Cold Hustler (PT2)" is still the best music video ever in this white boy's opinion:

Here are some videos I found that claim to be D.C. Scorpio video's but I am not sure. If you know one way or another let me know.

The blog Wake up your Daughter has a link to download "Stone Cold Hustler (PT II)" on it.

If you have more info about D.C. Scorpio let me know.

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